[PC-BSD Testing] upgrading.. slower than needs be

Julian Elischer julian at freebsd.org
Thu Dec 1 18:06:00 PST 2011

On 12/1/11 5:03 PM, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Watching the RC1->RC2 upgrade on my nice shiny new 15Mb/sec internet 
> link, I now see that teh upgrade process does one file at a time.
> it would be a lot faster to overlap the downloads if it were 
> possible. Does the upgrade process know of more than one file that 
> it needs to get?

One could at least make the fetch of the checksum file be done in 
parallel, so that the tcp handshake is done during the transfer of the 
main file.
Looking at my system upgrading however it looks as though there is 
something else that should be found too.
It's 95 % idle, yet it is only asking for each file, one at a time 
with large gaps between them.(10 seconds)?
Disk I doesn't seem to be  a bottleneck either so I can't work out 
what the holdup is.

> Julian
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