[PC-BSD Testing] BETA1.5 KDE: Languages and Opera-Flash

Serghey Suvorov serghey.suvorov at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 07:49:02 PDT 2011


Installation: PCBSD9.0-BETA1.5-x64-DVD.iso, ZFS, KDE, NVIDIA,
Base-Devel, Base-l18N; sys.lang=En, keyb=default.

In BETA1 and before: if I set an additional language (Ru),
I can switch to it both in graphical and in text modes.
In BETA1.5: I can switch in graphical mode, but I cannot switch
in terminal. It is bad because if user set language, then he
has (perhaps) some folders/files with national names.
Also Dolphin do not switch to additional language,
though language is present in list.

Opera. In GNOME I could not do Flash operable in Opera which
was installed from Opera-site. (I did not venture to keep Opera
which was installed from port: about 10 installation errors.)
However when I had kept, after all, the installation from port,
and had executed other required procedures, then this damned
Flash could work.

Best regards
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