[PC-BSD Testing] BETA-1.5 installation report

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Aug 25 08:13:04 PDT 2011

On 08/21/2011 17:02, Lars Engels wrote:
> I just tried to install BETA-1.5 and selected the German installer.
> - Pre-select timezone and keyboard layout after selecting language
That's something I've added to the TODO for 9.1

> - Missing OS names (only PCBSD and FreeBSD logos) in screen that let's you select the OS you like to install
Those strings are marked as "unfinished" in the .ts files, once 
translated in Pootle and not marked as "fuzzy" they should show up.

> - ZFS installation suggest 64bit (what is meant here? should be explained) and 4 GB RAM. The installer should
>    check if both is available and tell the User in red that it's not recommended to proceed with the installation.
>    As FreeBSD can get very unstable on setups like this the user probably starts complaining that it's FreeBSD's fault
>    and uninstall it
That should probably be explained better in the handbook for now, the 
interface is frozen so I'm trying to avoid making lots of string changes 
for the translators :)

> - For ada0p01 the installer wants to create a 0MB freebsd-boot partition. While this is the right thing, it would
>    be nice if the installer could tell the user that is intended, so he's not confused by it.
Added to TODO for 9.1

> - The descriptions for "Add new partition" and "Delete partition" are missing. Only + and - icons.
This is another missing translation, I noticed that several of the 
german strings are listed as "fuzzy", which means they *dont* get 
included in the final translation.

> - In the "User" menu the description of the first tab is missing. Only the second tab "System options" is readable.

> - At least in the German version, the root password is called "Systempasswort" which should maybe be renamed to
>    "Systemverwaltungspasswort" (which means "System administration password")
Should be fixed in Pootle :)

> - Password complexity is not checked. It should be possible to use an empty or very easy password, but there should
>    be a warning when the user enters a weak password. Also if the user password and the root password are the same.
Added to TODO for 9.1

> - Why is the custom hostname setting hidden in the "System options" tab in the "User" menu?
Running out of screen real-estate in the GUI :) I can move this later 
though if it makes more sense elsewhere.

> - You have to select at least one desktop, but a new user doesn't know what a desktop is. Maybe the names of the
>    desktops could be written bold or italic to make it visible that they're desktops?
Well, the KDE4 desktop is pre-selected, so if the user doesn't know what 
the desktops are, I'm hoping they won't go un-checking things on the 
randomly. But the point is good, so I've added code to bold the desktop 

> - None of the Package descriptions are localized.
The backend isn't setup for that yet, possibly for 9.1.

> - What does the base-devel package include? Even I as an experienced user don't know that.
The way its setup now it doesn't show the individual packages in the 
installation, but I will add that to 9.1 for sure. In the meantime you 
can view here:


> - Maybe add a comment that if the user doesn't know what the FreeBSD ports tree and the system sources are, he
>    doesn't need to install them.

Good idea, but requires new translation strings we can do for 9.1 :)

> - Print a warning, that the actual installation begins if the user proceeds and will write all changes to disk.
>    ATM there's only a "Begin Installation" pop-up.
Isn't that what the summary screen is for? I could make it a bit more 
ominous though :)

> - The Display settings wizard is not localized

> - GDM's keyboard settings are set to USA, not Germany
I'll have to check how to "force" GDM to use a different locale at first 
run, it uses gconf and is very clunky to work with :)

> - "Back" and "Next" Buttons in the Welcome Window are not localized
I'll check into this, those text strings are supplied by QT, not sure 
why they don't get translated.

> - Some headings in the Welcome Window are bold, others not

> - The URLs in the Welcome Window should be hyperlinks

> - The categories in AppCafe are not localized, their descriptions are
This is by design at the moment. It may change down the road though.

> - I installed the LXDE desktop and now have a system without a web browser. The system installer should ask you
>    to select one or more browsers (Firefox, Chromium, Opera)
This is also by design at the moment. I may add a few web-browsers into 
the "components" section of the installation before release though. 
Otherwise grabbing via AppCafe is the way to go.

> - There are no PBI sizes in AppCafe. The user doesn't know how big the packages are, even when he's downloading
>    them. Only percentage values are displayed.
Fixed! It shows the current MB downloaded and total size now.

> I haven't taken a deeper look at the installed system, yet. I'll report back later...
> Lars
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