[PC-BSD Testing] control panel 9.1 roadmap

Yuri Momotiuk yurkis at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 14:32:22 PDT 2011


I have some ideas about pc-bsd control panel application roadmap due to 9.1.
I hope that you post your opinions about that:

obvious improvements:
* Add some image to icons of items which must be run from root
* Hide items which must be run from root if current user is not in
"operator" group
* Add 'quick launch' toolbar with most usefull items simular to 'last
added' toolbar in app cafe
    ** It may contain most useful items
    ** Items in that toolbar must be able to change by user
* Add ability to add new items
* Add ability to item to show in more than one desktop environment.
For example 'pc-RequiredDE="Gonome, XFCE"

More advanced features:
* Add new 'tabed' view:
   ** Each group of items is a separate tab. For example: "System", "Tools", etc
   ** Application starts with 'Home' tab which contains:
       *** Some system info like pc-bsd version, hostname, uptime, etc
       *** Some relavant to time items. For example if user is not
configured network yet at that tab 'network manager' can be shown. It
may be halpful for startup system configuration.

PS I need your help. Please notify me if you wish to see some items
for your favorite desktop environment. I can not test pc-controlpanel
in all DEs from pc-bsd and I dont't know all about XFCE or E17 for
example. I can skip something importent. Please notify me if some
setting from your favorite desktop environment is missing. I'll try to
add it ASAP. Thanks.

PPS. Sorry for my English
Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk

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