[PC-BSD Testing] BETA-1.5 installation report

Lars Engels lars.engels at 0x20.net
Mon Aug 22 13:00:34 PDT 2011

On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 11:02:07PM +0200, Lars Engels wrote:
> I just tried to install BETA-1.5 and selected the German installer.
> - Pre-select timezone and keyboard layout after selecting language
> - Missing OS names (only PCBSD and FreeBSD logos) in screen that let's you select the OS you like to install
> - ZFS installation suggest 64bit (what is meant here? should be explained) and 4 GB RAM. The installer should
>   check if both is available and tell the User in red that it's not recommended to proceed with the installation.
>   As FreeBSD can get very unstable on setups like this the user probably starts complaining that it's FreeBSD's fault
>   and uninstall it
> - For ada0p01 the installer wants to create a 0MB freebsd-boot partition. While this is the right thing, it would
>   be nice if the installer could tell the user that is intended, so he's not confused by it.
> - The descriptions for "Add new partition" and "Delete partition" are missing. Only + and - icons.
> - In the "User" menu the description of the first tab is missing. Only the second tab "System options" is readable.
> - At least in the German version, the root password is called "Systempasswort" which should maybe be renamed to
>   "Systemverwaltungspasswort" (which means "System administration password")
> - Password complexity is not checked. It should be possible to use an empty or very easy password, but there should
>   be a warning when the user enters a weak password. Also if the user password and the root password are the same.
> - Why is the custom hostname setting hidden in the "System options" tab in the "User" menu?
> - You have to select at least one desktop, but a new user doesn't know what a desktop is. Maybe the names of the
>   desktops could be written bold or italic to make it visible that they're desktops?
> - None of the Package descriptions are localized.
> - What does the base-devel package include? Even I as an experienced user don't know that.
> - Maybe add a comment that if the user doesn't know what the FreeBSD ports tree and the system sources are, he
>   doesn't need to install them.
> - Print a warning, that the actual installation begins if the user proceeds and will write all changes to disk.
>   ATM there's only a "Begin Installation" pop-up.
> - The Display settings wizard is not localized
> - GDM's keyboard settings are set to USA, not Germany
> - "Back" and "Next" Buttons in the Welcome Window are not localized
> - Some headings in the Welcome Window are bold, others not
> - The URLs in the Welcome Window should be hyperlinks
> - The categories in AppCafe are not localized, their descriptions are
> - I installed the LXDE desktop and now have a system without a web browser. The system installer should ask you
>   to select one or more browsers (Firefox, Chromium, Opera)
> - There are no PBI sizes in AppCafe. The user doesn't know how big the packages are, even when he's downloading
>   them. Only percentage values are displayed.
> I haven't taken a deeper look at the installed system, yet. I'll report back later...
> Lars

- The Firewall manager seems to select random port numbers instead of
  the right ones when a service is selected from the drop down menu.
- There should be a confirmation that the firewall was restarted
  successfully when the restart button is pressed
- I installed the Chromium PBI but cannot select it as the default
  browser program
- The old system and software updater had an option to update all PBIs
  automatically, is this not possible with AppCafe?
- In LXDE's panel settings the default Terminal Emulator is xterm. As
  lxterminal is already installed, this should be the default TE.
- Please please please add the volume setting icon to the panel, and if
  possible change its icon. Black on dark is not really visible.
- The Flash Plugin is not found by Chromium -> no youtube. :( After
  running nspluginwrapper -a -v -i Flash works with Chromium
- XBMC does not start: libass.so.5 is not found by xbmc.bin

The rest of the system is very nice. I like the new life preserver a
lot. :-)

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