[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0b1.5 GNOME small test

Serghey Suvorov serghey.suvorov at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 07:29:43 PDT 2011


Installation: PCBSD9.0-BETA1.5-x64-DVD.iso, ZFS, GNOME, NVIDIA,
Base-Devel, Base-l18N; sys.lang=En, keyb=default.

1) There is one very old problem with installation; seems, from 7.x.
If keyb=default, one cannot use valid root PW (with letters,
digits, and special characters). That PW will not accept later
in terminal or in graphic authorizations. It is desirable to set
digital PW during the installation.
Only after all language/locale settings user can replace PW with
valid one. This problem take place not only with me and not only
with PCBSD: Linux reviews have often a similar hint.
However it is bad for OS with for-all-comers potential.

2) FlashPlayer did not work in Epiphany.
The cause: the required registration
(# /usr/local/lib/nspluginwrapper/x86_64/freebsd/npconfig -a -i)
did not execute automatically.
After manual registration the file
had appeared and Flash could work.
(For Firefox one must check, is there a symlink in ~/.mozilla/plugins
to npwrapper.libflashplayer.so.)

3) I cannot do Flash operable in Opera which installed from its site.
Maybe new Opera is not compatible with opera-linuxplugins port?

4) It is interesting with (a) net.inet.icmp.drop_redirect, and
(b) net.inet.ip.redirect. On default (a)=0, and (b)=1. I want to do
(a)=1, and (b)=0. I can do it by sysctl without problems. But if I
set these values in sysctl.conf, then both vars take a value that
is 1st in list among them. How come? These vars have different
operating directions, in essence.

5) I had installed Libre Office (AppCafe), and Clamtk (port) as the large
installation tests; and rkhunter (port) in order to check pkg base. OK.

Best regards
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