[PC-BSD Testing] Beta 1.5 for amd64

jmdennis @dslextreme.com jmdennis at dslextreme.com
Sun Aug 21 04:29:47 PDT 2011

I was going to complain about FireFox as well as when you open it
shows that FireFox is out of date since you are using 4.01 and it is
up to 6.01.

I only installed LXDE and XFCE.  The AppCafe does not show the icons
of items that can be installed.  This can be annoying since you do not
know where to click to install some thing.  I have not tried this in
XFCE yet just LXDE.

I was able to go through the install with out choosing VESA but when
it came to configure the monitor I had to chose VESA as ati locked up
the system hard.  I know you said ati does not work well but that is
what I have.  I did have a nvidia card but it no longer works so the
ati card is all that I can use.

It would be nice during the install to be able to set up the network
for those that do not have dhcp.  I used to but now my carrier expects
me to use pppoe.  It would be nice to be able to set this up during
the install.

I tried to go to youtube but it will not let me play any thing as it
says I need a newer version of flash.

I hope that you do not trim down the full usb versions to much.  An 8
gig thumb drive does not cost much any more and for those that only
have a 4 gig an 8 gig can be purchased pretty cheaply.

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