[PC-BSD Testing] Beta1 testing feedback

Johann Hugo jhugo at meraka.csir.co.za
Mon Aug 15 13:41:41 PDT 2011

Feedback fpr PCBSD 9.0 BETA1/KDE, dual boot with win7

System: Dell inspiron 1720 notebook. Pentium Dual CPU, 1Gig RAM, Intel GM965 
SVGA controller.

1) Installation went smooth without any problems

2) Experience random system hangs with Intel 3D graphics driver. Running 
stable now for the last week with the Intel 2D driver. Sound and everything 

3) Need the following in sysctl.conf so that I can get an IPv6 address.
IPv6 works.

4) Adding new rules to pf. If I type the name of the service e.g. ssh in the 
service bar, then I it will not change the port to 22 the first time. If I do 
it again, then it works.

5) It's the first time that my notebook can wake-up after a sleep or 
hibernate, unfortunately the wifi adapter does not start up automatically and 
needs some help. 

6) "flashpluginctl off && flashpluginctl on" fixed flash for chromium, but not 
for konqueror.

6) Things that I miss:
- Normal konsole terminal under the favorites toolbar.
- Option to add an link to the task bar if I right click on the app icon
- Knowing how big an application is in the AppCafe is before I install it
- Knowing what the download speed is (kB/s) when apps are installed.

Looking forward to the release.


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