[PC-BSD Testing] 64bit USB img flaws.. (v9.0 beta)

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Sun Aug 14 02:45:56 PDT 2011


*Here* is an answer to a question Kris asked:

However, I did notice that attempting resolutions of (1900 x 1200) or (1600
>> x something) mean that the taskbar gets partly hidden on the left, and the
>> display doesn't seem centered. However, what seemed odd was that the
>> installer had no such difficulties with the display. My monitor is a
>> Samsung Touch Of Color T260HD 25.5-Inch LCD HDTV Monitor which is capable
>> of 1920×1200. So obviously something is not getting configured exactly
>> right. Another thing I ought to do is copy the settings I'm using with v8.2
>> and see if those would work.
> If you can grab your 8.2 xorg.conf and try that, let me know if the problem
> goes away or not. The version of xorg is newer in 9, which often causes
> weird things to break :(

I copied my xorg.conf that I currently use in v8.2 which is not exactly
vanilla, since having done plenty of updating of ports, including KDE (and
xorg, I believe). However, the xorg.conf that I have configured for my 8.2
desktop solved the display issues for the v9.0 BETA1 install. I'm pretty
sure I'm using the radeon driver.  My xorg.conf is at
http://pastebin.com/cPj6RPzK for the next month :).  That HP monitor is not
actually being used, but seems that doesn't seem to matter.. I am currently
using a

Samsung as mentioned above.

*This* may have already been mentioned:

>From my KDE install from BETA1, it is not possible to exit (using the
kicker) to 'restart' or 'shutdown' which is rather weird. Yes, I can select
either, and I can click on the resulting window to skip the delay, but it
never goes to the next step. It may be waiting for something to end. Even
after choosing restart, I can choose to switch to another user which
probably works (only root and 1 account setup on my install so I didn't try
it).  I can either open a terminal or use ctrl-alt-F2 to get to a root
login, and from there initiate a reboot/shutdown which is so far my only way

*Regarding* desktop environments:

I would strongly suggest that the default configurations for any installed
desktop be somewhat simplified where possible- meaning that actions tied to
keys, desktop effects, or areas of the screen not have a sudden 'surprising'

In the case of KDE, I could imagine someone getting confused by the
scrollwheel effect of cycling through desktops/windows.  As for the taskbar
in KDE, I would hope for some kind of dynamic default that would guarantee
that the whole bar is viewable without needing to know how to adjust it due
to screen resolution changes (is that even possible?).  Can a PC-BSD
prelim-config be created as an alternate to the default included by the
DE/WM authors? That way we could mention that we've toned-down some of the
settings, but that another (author-built) default is there if desired, which
may illustrate more features.

*An* idea:

This is my own mistake, not to remember exactly how I installed (and from
which version of the USB media).
I might guess that there is an initial install log (location?), but does it
include the install media name (and type + version if not part of the name)
and the location installed from (either via Net, USB/iso)?
This could help with tracking down various issues.
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