[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD 9 font issue after Installation

Christian Jeschke jeschke.ch at gmx.at
Thu Aug 11 13:58:48 PDT 2011

Force 120 DPI Setting is not activated after setting up a higher resolution while Installing PC-BSD 9.

This actually results in non readable Fonts (too small even if sitting straight in Front).

This Problem actually is a well known Problem some other Distributions have also this "Bug" after installing, but it should be no Problem to enable 120 DPI on the Fly while changing the Resolution to higher than n*n.

KDE defaults to 8 and 9 Fontsizes in System Settings Application Settings, Font Settings. Actually there are 2 ways to get rid of the bug

Setting all Fontsizes linear to a higher Fontresolution 

Like 9 --> 14
9 --> 12

or forcing 120 DPI where i believe it would be actually the easiest way to implement a bugfix with force 120 dpi setting.

Some people may claim that the fonts are too large then,( i wonder how)...
they actually can switch them back to lower DPI Settings or sizes, so an additional info popup on how to Resize the Fonts should also be there.

best regards

Christian Jeschke

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