[PC-BSD Testing] Beta1 testing problems

Ian McNulty ian-mcnulty at o2.co.uk
Thu Aug 11 13:13:33 PDT 2011

The 96.43 Nvidia driver has been updated to 96.43.20 to include support for
latest X11. It is included in Ubuntu 11.10 alpha 3 so may be ported to BSD
soon as an alternative to the current version in the PC-BSD 9 beta1 install

Does the HPLIP install binary (PBI) have the scanner=yes option set, as this
is set to =no in the standard freebsd pkg I think. I have to compile from
ports to get an HP all in one to scan, which takes about 3 hours at 2mbps

regards to all

On 11 August 2011 17:37, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org> wrote:

>  On 08/04/2011 11:13, Ian McNulty wrote:
> Installed from DVD with Gnome and LXDE (no KDE). Selected Nvidia drivers
> and HPLIP before install on UFS partition.
> Intel Pentium 4, 2.4 Ghz, old Nvidia Geforce4 MX440 video card. 1gb RAM.
> Multi boot system using grub2 with NTFS and Ext4 partitions.
>  The nvidia driver included doesn't support the older GF4 cards. Here's
> what it supports now:
> http://www.nvidia.com/object/freebsd-x86-280.13-driver.html -> click
> "Supported Products"
> I'll take a look and see if there is a way to include the previous
> version(s) as well, but it may be a bit tricky :)
>  No problem with install except that Nvidia driver selection just returns
> to another selection screen rather than offer an option to save config so
> just selected skip and 2D graphics are fine, so will test this later. Did a
> portsnap fetch and extract. Installed fusefs-ntfs and ntfsprogs from ports.
> Nautilus file manager works fine on local file system, but when trying to
> mount NTFS partitions, nothing is displayed in the Nautilus window. If two
> or more attempts to mount the same NTFS partition are made with Nautilus
> then multiple occurrences of "mounted" icons are found in /media/ but no
> file structure is displayed in any of the windows. I have seen something
> almost identical in early snapshots of desktopBSD which PeterH resolved
> before the final release of DBSD7. After re-boot, the /media/ directory
> returns to normal until a mount attempt with Nautilus resumes the same
> problem.
>  The fusefs-ntfs port didn't build correctly for the BETA1 release, I'll
> take a look into it and try to fix for the next update.
>  I don't recall the mounting problems with the last snapshot of 02/07/11
> (UK date convention), but I installed that with KDE.
> All works fine with PCBSD 8.2 (KDE) and Archlinux on same machine.
> Regards to all
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