[PC-BSD Testing] Network Install Bug

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Aug 11 09:57:31 PDT 2011

On 08/10/2011 10:10, ron georgia wrote:
> Network Install PCBSD9.0-BETA1
> Two Problems:
> 1. Unable to get netinstall mirrors through proxy servers
> 2. Select mirror dialog box does not set mirror install path when
> having to negotiate with a proxy server.
> After choosing to install from the network, pcbsd installer presents a
> dialog box that allows the user to select a mirror on the internet or
> a repository within the local network. The app “times out” because it
> cannot find a mirror and presents the user with the option to install
> from a local network. If the user types in a mirror (site and
> directory) the dialog box disappears; however when the user “clicks”
> on the Next button, the option dialog box comes back - empty.
> What was done:
> Launched an xterm at the beginning of the install process. From the
> command line:
> setenv http_proxy http://my.company.proxy.server.com:8000.
> setenv ftp_proxy  http://my.company.proxy.server.com:8000
> (there is no need for user : password option)
> also tried:
> set   http_proxy http://my.company.proxy.server.com:8000
> set   ftp_proxy http://my.company.proxy.server.com:8000
> export http_proxy
> export ftp_proxy
I've gone ahead and put installation proxy support on the TODO for 9.1, 
since its going to require a bunch of changes to the GUI interface which 
is frozen right now.


> The pc-installer was still unable to retrieve a list of mirrors. (the
> installer uses a fetch -o /tmp/mirrors-list.txt
> http://some.website.org to retrieve the list).
>  From the command line:
> ifconfig em0:
> The return is what I expected (received ip from corporate dhcp
> server). The only issue was the netmask was set
> instead of I manually set the netmask.
>  From the command line I could ping the gateway, DNS servers and some
> other PC's on the network. I was also able to ping www.google.com but
> could not ping any pcbsd mirror.
> I manually edited the /tmp/mirrors-list.txt file. When I selected the
> install from network, the entries showed up in the dialog box. I
> selected a mirror and “clicked” Select and the dialog box disappeared;
> however when I selected Next, it came back.
> I tried a netinstall on the same type of box at home (no proxy) and
> the installer contacted the website and successfully created a list of
> mirrors to choose from, BUT that is as far as it got. After the select
> button is “pressed” the dialog box disappears, and reappears after
> selecting the Next button. Endless loop.
Fixed in SVN.

> Attached are the results from pcconf -l -cv

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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