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Serghey Suvorov serghey.suvorov at gmail.com
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this is feedback on PCBSD 9.0 BETA1 Russian in 2 variants

Comp configuration: CPU P4 650 model; MB ASUS P5GD1Pro with on-board ICH6
NVIDIA 9400 GT; 4GB DDR-SDRAM; HD0 (WinXP/C, WinXP/D, Scientific Linux), HD1

I. Installation: PCBSD9.0-BETA1-x64-DVD.iso; ZFS, Rus/Rus, KDE, NVIDIA,
Base-Devel, Base-l18N.

There is well-known problem with installation. I chose a) language: Rus; b)
keyboard: Rus.
After that I could not input user name. Only Rus layout was present.
It can be bypassed, but I did not do it: new user would go away immediatly
and forever.
I canceled the installation.

II. Installation: PCBSD9.0-BETA1-x64-DVD.iso; ZFS, Rus/Eng, KDE+XFCE,
NVIDIA, Base-Devel,

There are no problems during this installation.

1) I choose a) language: Rus; b) keyboard: Eng default. Fine result! Both
are present, Eng is default after start, the switcher take place with
Windows keys.
I think, the page "keyboard layout" must not be. Instead of this, please,
what layouts are present, what layout is default, what keys are switching
and about that "option ... in item ... will permit you to change settings."
All this must be written in the chosen language.

2) I cannot find GUI "desktop environments switcher". Exactly GUI!
The manual configuration is no good.
Please see www.scientificlinux.org (I have SL 5.5). Just in the start
page SL has a button which permit to change environment both one-time
and as default. If it is difficult now, please, put this option in your boot
(only if user chose sevral environments). That is in a text mode, thus it is

3) Automatic 1st user login is absent. It is inconvenient.

4) SOUND. I received another message in Russian variant: "PCM... does not
Default will be work." (My translation.) It was instead of "Failed back to
Maybe I read this message in English KDE incorrectly, but it is unlikely.
Therefore I test PCM #0 Digital, PCM #1 Analog, and Default. Really, PCMs at
the top
of list initiated this message, but Default at the top did not initiate.
So only Default works (works well).

5) File manager "Thuran"; volume manager settings: file"thuran-volman" is
Some more about missing files: /var/log/aepid; /var/log/syslog;

6) Provided to be, Dolphin shows the name of the distribution disk in /media
(as GNOME File Manager do) after multiple reboots; see my 2nd message, item
MC and 'ls -a' do not show it.
So it is necessary to compare the information sources for MC and 'ls -a'
the ones for Dolphin and GNOME File Manager.

7) The colors in MC/GNOME are far better then in MC/KDE.
Maybe it is necessary to substitute?

8) This item is not against your developers, but against *nix in comparison
with Windows. Unfortunately the comparisons
"MC" <--> "Far"
"Any graphical file manager in *nix" <--> Total Commander
have been resolved definitely for benefit of Windows.
Only Krusader begins to catch up with Total Commander.
It would be a good thing to pay close attention to it.

9) The addition to item 4 in my 2nd message. In KDE the response from those
which require FlashPlayer are differ from GNOME ones. The sites take browser
as if
it has FlashPlayer "ON", but further nothing works (Firefox from PBI,

10) About Rus localization. Interface: almost all; PBI descriptions: has
begun (!)
I did not see any mistakes on the fly. Now this matter depends on helps and
Though many things have been translated by now.

Best regards
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