[PC-BSD Testing] testing of 9.0 b1

Serghey Suvorov serghey.suvorov at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 06:27:50 PDT 2011


this is feedback on PCBSD 9.0 BETA1/GNOME

Comp configuration: CPU P4 650 model; MB ASUS P5GD1Pro with on-board ICH6
NVIDIA 9400 GT; 4GB DDR-SDRAM; HD0 (WinXP/C, WinXP/D, Scientific Linux), HD1

Installation: PCBSD9.0-BETA1-x64-DVD.iso; ZFS, GNOME, NVIDIA, Base-Devel,

No problems with installation.

1) The sound is present; I had verified it by *.avi launch. Any welcome
music is absent,
although it is "ON" in start list.

2) Unworkable root-terminal and the error in ppp.conf (items 3 and 4 in my
previous message) are there just the same. "Network" in "Settings"
hung after mark in "msk0" and my attempt to input DNS IP.
"Network Configuration" in "Control Panel" is operable.

3) GNOME desktop are fully operable.

4) I installed Firefox, Chromium, Denemo, and LibreOffice by AppCafe.
All are operable except of FlashPlayer. (Flash in Epiphany does not
work too.) It gets past me about Firefox: linux_enable="YES", required
folders and files are present, plugin in Firefox is specified as "ON";
but it does not work. I had installed Opera from its site, had performed
"opera-linux-plugin" installation from ports, had copied
linux-plugin and npwrapper to the folder which Opera checks, but
there was no result. Is wrapper guilty?

5) I installed Rkhunter and Clamtk from ports. Rkhunter did not find
any errors, and it is very good, as it checked dependences and packages
base, among others. As for Clamtk, it installed very much auxiliary
i.e. it was huge installation test; the result: OK.

6) File Browser will be, I think, better then KDE-Dolphin. Now its cleaning
works badly: the name of the distribution disk is present until now in
(not in physical folder, but in File Browser/media).
I wonder, what does the column "SELinux" represent?
Is it a rest from any Linux variant, or do you plan to adapt SELinux
for use in PCBSD? If you plan, this would be excellent!
The bundle "BSD+SELinux+Rkhunter+F-Prot" will be impenetrable.

7) The curative screensaver "bright white blank screen" is absent,
unfortunately. (Not "a part load mode", as I wrote in previous message,
but "curative".)

8) Both KDE and GNOME are not generate problems with en+ru keyboard
layouts together (installation language and keyboard were default).


In whole it is a wonderful work for the first beta; my congratulations!

Best regards
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