[PC-BSD Testing] 64bit USB img flaws.. (v9.0 beta)

Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 17:19:03 PDT 2011

Hey there folks..

Since I was unable to install from net or USB with the
PCBSD9.0-BETA1-x64-USB-bootonly.img (on my USB thumbdrive), I decided to try
the PCBSD9.0-BETA1-x64-USBLITE.img

The network install seems broken in the same way for both the 'bootonly' and
'USBLITE' versions:

   - Choosing network install and configuring DHCP/auto, or manual network
   configuration make no difference.
   - Clicking 'next' brings up the mirror selection window, either choosing
   one from the list or manually typing one, seem to give the same result.
   - The mirror selection window closes when clicking on its 'select'
   button, but then clicking on the 'next' button in the primary installer
   window, brings back the mirror selection window.

Installation of lite was successful when USB was chosen as the source.
However, I would strongly suggest some kind of indication during this
process of what the "lite" version actually installs. I realize that this
information can be obtained elsewhere but I believe it should be included,
possibly as part of the installation summary at least. I recommend a new
heading "USB 'lite' is defined as:"

Other things:

That "slow boot/load" I mentioned in the other post was the FreeBSD/x86
bootstrap loader, and after reaching the boot menu, a further boot to the
login prompt is speedy.

I managed to write down most of that odd error message (I don't recall
seeing it during install/boot of previous versions), it was:
Detecting X setup
Autoconfiguring X server... ls: /dev/uhid* no such file or directory

Although the install was successful for 64bit USB 'lite' there are problems
with the display configurator.  Preliminary investigation seems to imply
that no changes are made. I would expect to see a difference when switching
from 1900x1200 to 1600x1200, or changing drivers from radeonhd-3d-enable to
radeonhd or to ati. I am unsure what I should expect, but I will keep
looking into it to see if switching to an almost unusable 1024x768 would be
a large enough change to notice. :)

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