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Serghey Suvorov serghey.suvorov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 10:59:00 PDT 2011


this is feedback on PCBSD 9.0 BETA1.
I have some remarks in small quantity. Many things are absent, but the ones
I test were
working for the most part.
All wishes are writing from the position of user who see PCBSD as an OS "for
all comers".

Comp configuration: CPU P4 650 model; MB ASUS P5GD1Pro with on-board ICH6
NVIDIA 9400 GT; 4GB DDR-SDRAM; HD0 (WinXP/C, WinXP/D, Scientific Linux), HD1

Installation: 64 bit, ZFS, KDE, NVIDIA, Base-Devil, Base-l118N.

No problems with installation.

1) First priority: the sound is present! PCM#0-PCM#3 and default were in up
However the old message showed up: "The audio playback device HDA Realtek
ALC880 PCM#0
Digita (pcm) does not work. Failed back to default." (All that at the
welcome music.)

2) KDE-menu. The possibility to place link on desktop or taskbar is missing.

3) Root-terminal does not work: there are PW request and its saving.
Next verbal instruction only is. The terminal itself is absent.
The point of this contrivance is obscure for me. How now: "if root PW is

Generally, if you'll install that unsafe thing, as a console with saved root
then the physical presence check is required at least.
For example, " Press key "a" " with random key. Otherwise you'll run into
remote access to
that console. And you would not think so that BSD is a well-protected OS a
Apple Mak OS thought so, but stopped it 3 years ago.

Dolphin with root access (without saving!) was a good thing.

4) After ADSL configuration (by GUI) my ADSL did not work.
The cause: it was saved default string "set device /dev/msk0" in ppp.conf.
After its manual replacement by "set device PPPoE:msk0:ukrtelecom"
everything became OK.

5) PPPoE does not work after lagg enabled. This case is said in Handbook,
and there is guideline: "...uncheck this box and remove any references to
in your /etc/rc.conf file." The 2nd part of guideline is unacceptable.
It is quite impossible: to edit config files manually. GUI only!

6) Some more about Internet. You have a box about comp visibility,
which set ppp_nat. I'd suggest 3 foolproof options instead of this:
- single comp;
- ordinary comp in local net;
- router in local net.
Then it is necessary to perform appropriate configuration.
For example of single comp:
sshd_enable="NO" (and to close SSH port)

7) It seems you are exclusive company, who offer the screensaver 'blank
with a possibility its color change. So, please, do the next step and
let user know that for TFT LCD bright white is a part load mode (not black!)
Long-term its use is able to cure some damages of LCD-layer (diffuse spots,

8) Apparently ntfs-3g is absent in BETA1. Nevertheless I write about bug in
8.2 version which are very unsafe if ZFS.

The situation: I mount one of Windows disks by Dolphin; move some files
unmount this disk by Dolphin as well. After reboot and start Windows, these
may be absent.

I think, the cause is that ZFS keep few little transactions in cache.
Dolphin contrives to unmount the disk in secret. After that ZFS cannot flush

the cache: it has nowhere to put.
Forced cache flush before unmount by Dolphin may be a solution.

Best regards
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