[PC-BSD Testing] 20110414 snapshot, XFCE installed

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Tue Apr 19 12:43:11 PDT 2011

On 04/18/2011 16:15, Dru Lavigne wrote:
> Notes from the 32 bit DVD installed in virtualbox with XFCE as the 
> only desktop:
> Desktop icon "PC-BSD Handbook" does not open. Linking to epdfviewer 
> should fix this, but when I tried changing the association it prompted 
> me for a password with a message indicating that the document was 
> encrypted.

> Service Manager, System Manager, User Manager, Firewall Manager and 
> Life Preserver Backup do not open from within Control Panel (the other 
> icons do).
This is working for me in virtualbox on 64bit snapshot. Are you getting 
the "gksu" dialog at all? Does it prompt for the password and then not 
show up at all? This was a gksu bug that I thought was fixed.

> Applications -> Development has 3 menu items which are all empty (I 
> assume these apps didn't come with xfce or xfce-plugins). Adding 
> devel/xfce-dev-tools should fix this.
I don't even see Applications -> Development on my install here :( But I 
did add xfce4-dev-tools to the plugins.

> Same deal for Applications -> Education which has 5 empty menu items
> Same deal for Applications -> Games which has 7 empty menu items
> Same deal for Applications -> Graphics which has 1 empty menu item
> Same deal for Applications -> Internet -> Terminal Applications which 
> has 1 empty menu item
Ditto, don't see any of these categories on my system...

> Applications -> Internet -> Web browser crashes. I suspect it is 
> looking for something other than w3m which seems to be the only 
> installed browser.
Yea, I think its looking for a firefox / opera or something of that sort.

> Same deal for Applications -> Internet -> More Applications which has 
> 1 empty menu item

Same as before.

> Applications -> Mail Reader prompts to browse for an app but there 
> isn't a mail reader installed that I could find.

XFCE doesn't have a built-in one like kmail or such. Will need to 
install one from AppCafe, then select it.

> Applications -> Run Program tries to but immediately crashes. Same for 
> terminal programs with terminal box checked.  An "opening socket" 
> flashes by as it crashes.

Don't see this crash here either.

> Applications -> Science & Math is empty.
> Applications -> System -> System is empty.
Don't have these cats here.

> Applications -> System -> Terminal Emulator is empty. The terminal 
> emulator is installed as it works just fine from other menus.
Works here on amd64.

> Applications -> System -> Online Update Notifier doesn't open.
Starts just fine for me. Close the red "shield" icon in the tray first, 
then run this and you'll see that icon appear again. It doesn't have any 
other main window to view.

> Applications -> Utilities -> X-Utilities is empty. Installing 
> sysutils/xfce4-utils should fix this.

> Applications -> Utilities -> Clipman does not open. Installing 
> x11/xfce4-clipman-plugin should fix this.
Works here, pkg_info shows clipman installed by default.

> Applications -> Utilities -> Screenshot does not open. Installing 
> x11/xfce4-screenshooter-plugin should fix this.

Its already installed, but running xfce4-screenshooter causes a 
seg-fault here.

> Cheers,
> Dru
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I'll have to try a 32bit snapshot next. Its possible some of the 
packages are acting differently on it.

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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