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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Wed Apr 13 09:19:26 PDT 2011

On 04/07/2011 15:46, Dru Lavigne wrote:
> Tested 32 bit version in virtualbox with KDE as the only desktop 
> installed. Some of these issues may be of interest to the KDE ports team.
> Nepomuk gives the following error when you login: "Nepomuk Semantic 
> Desktop needs the Virtuoso RDF server to store its data."
> Is there a way to tell KDE not to issue the warning seen in 
> http://wiki.pcbsd.org/images/1/1c/Kde-warning.png? This seems to be 
> new in 4.6.1 and occurs when clicking on the icon for AppCafe, PC-BSD 
> ControlPanel, and the PC-BSD Handbook. No sense scaring new users if 
> we don't have to--and it doesn't look too good if KDE does not trust 
> "our" apps. Note that this only occurs the first time the user access 
> the icon so it should be a configurable something.

> Control Panel is not remembering the superuser password and prompts 
> every time an icon is accessed. A different authorization program is 
> used by KDE (e.g. when you change the system time). See the screenshot 
> at http://wiki.pcbsd.org/images/3/3e/Authorize.png. Neither seems to 
> remember the password though.
It looks like the control panel / kdesu calls are working to save the 
password, but you can't run one app, and have it save the password for 
any / all others. So, if you run "Firewall Manager", save the password, 
then close and run "Firewall Manager" again, it opens without the 
password dialog. This is also per-session.

As for the different authorization program, I don't know what the deal 
is with that. Looks like something new for 4.6.x, and I'm guessing the 
backend to store password stuff is broken in the port.

> The login manager allows you to login as root (under Other), then 
> loads only an xterm under Fluxbox. Since previous versions of PC-BSD 
> disallowed root logins this should be fixed. It will also be confusing 
> to new users as I initially thought the desktop had frozen (its window 
> was empty and pale, almost transparent) until I right-clicked it.

Working on it, looks like the current version of GDM doesn't have this 
feature anymore. Probably need to disable root gui logins from PAM or 

> Will Warden be in Control Panel? My vote would be for yes because for 
> documentation purposes all of the PC-BSD specific utilities are in one 
> place. Otherwise I have to figure out where else in the table of 
> contents to put warden.
Yes, the Warden does show up under tools, but only after you install it 
via the PBI. Its not installed by default, and I've not approved the PBI 
of it just yet.

> The two Handbook icons are still confusing. My suggestion: rename 
> "Users Handbook" (the one that points to the wiki) to "PC-BSD Wiki".

> Is it possible to rename Favorites -> System Settings to "KDE 
> Settings"? This will be less confusing since the "pc-bsd system" 
> settings are really in control panel.

> The default wallpaper is Horos instead of Hubble. I'm assuming this 
> will be changed to the 9 artwork once it is ready?
> The default splash screen is "Default" and Hubble has no preview. I'm 
> assuming this will be changed to the 9 artwork once it is ready?
Yea, we haven't gotten any custom artwork / themes done yet, once they 
are made I'll get them incorporated :)

> /comms/lirc will be needed for System Settings -> Input Devices -> 
> Remote Controls

> Settings -> Date & Time still does not work. See the error message at 
> http://wiki.pcbsd.org/images/4/49/Error.png.
This is a porting issue right? May need to ping the freebsd-kde list?

> Since we are no longer using kdm, should System Settings -> Login 
> Screen be removed?

> System Settings -> GTK  Styles and Fonts: should the heading really be 
> "Lost and Found"?


> No dictionaries are installed for Applications -> Education -> 
> Languages -> Japanese Reference/Study Tool

See that here. Is the port supposed to include them or are they user 

> Applications -> Games -> Arcade -> Kapman opens up a blank window.

Does this app need 3D acceleration? That may be the issue here.
> Applications -> Games -> Board Games -> Kigo launches with the error 
> "Kigo was unable to find a Go engine backend" It suggests installing 
> gnugo. (there is a port in games/gnugo which is not installed).

> Applications -> Games -> Board Games -> Kajongg prompts you to select 
> a ruleset when you start the game but then gives the error "no such 
> file or directory". (However, KMahjongg works fine).
If you run "kajongg" from the command line, it looks like its getting 
some error connecting to a local server socket. Looks like a porting issue?

> Applications -> Games -> Logic Games -> Palapeli hogs the CPU trying 
> to start and then crashes.

Gets a TON of X Error: BadDrawable, maybe it needs 3D accel?

> Amor is the only entry in Games ->Toys it also has its own entry in 
> Games (directly under Games -> Toys)
> Application -> Graphics -> Exposure Blending won't launch as it needs 
> hugin
> Why is mplayer is in Applications -> Internet? (it is also in 
> Multimedia where it belongs)
Yea, the default .desktop file has it listed in both, which is very 
weird. Fixed :)

> Applications -> Multimedia -> Sound Mixer does not launch. It is also 
> not (hidden) in the system tray (that I could find). Running mixer 
> manually gave the error "/dev/mixer: no such file or directory". 
> Someone else should check this on a real system as it may be a vbox issue.

I see it running just fine here in my vbox environment. It shows up as 
the white speaker / volume icon.

> Applications -> System -> Nepomuk Backup complains that Nepomuk is not 
> running which is probably related to the nepomuk error message 
> mentioned above.
Checking into this. Its complaining in the system-settings that nepomuk 
isn't even installed. Possibly a porting issue.

> Applications -> System -> Online Update Notifier needs to be removed 
> or updated.


> Applications -> System -> Root Terminal prompts for password but does 
> not open the terminal.
Was the gksu bug, fixed.

> I couldn't get Applications -> System -> Run as Different User to run 
> anything; it never prompted me for the other users's password either.

> I'd suggest either adding Control Panel to Applications -> Settings or 
> putting it as the first entry in Applications -> System. ATM it is 
> buried in the middle of System and you have to scroll down to see it.
Added it to settings.

> Should Applications -> System -> User Manager be removed as we have 
> our own?

> Applications -> System -> View Disk Usage does not understand the 
> "Type" as these are all set to "?".
Sounds like it doesn't grok FreeBSD UFS/ZFS and such. This is a porting 
bug I think.

> Applications -> System -> Kde Wallet Management -> File -> New Wallet 
> did not launch the new wallet wizard.
See that here. Not sure if its a KDE 4.6.1 bug, or porting bug :(

> Other than that, the rest of the apps launched and seemed usable.
> Looks like the next snapshot will be running KDE 4.6.2...
Its building now :)

> Cheers,
> Dru

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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