[PC-BSD Testing] Latest PC-BSD 9 snapshot

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Tue Apr 12 12:10:47 PDT 2011

> Opening AppCafe will allow me to download the latest releases (Firefox,
> for example), but clicking on any category (archivers, emulators, etc)
> shows a message "No PBI for category _____" Maybe PBIs for version 9
> haven't been pushed to the package server yet?
> Did you check all the categories? I see apps in "web" and such. Most of 
> them are empty though, since we've only uploaded a handful of PBIs for 
> testing purposes.

I didn't test all of them, just a handful near the top. After the first couple I assumed the PBI-9s hadn't been uploaded.

> The current theme is good, the LXDE desktop is responsive. So far the
> system has been stable. I like the new control centre. One suggestion I
> have there is to change the name of the backup tool from "Life" to
> "Backups" or "Backup/Restore". The "Life" icon is associated with the
> Handbook in my mind from the 8.x releases.

> I'll give it some thought, I would like to keep some sort of name which 
> is unique, other than just a generic "backup" tool, but it may be too 
> confusing the way it is now.

Maybe to new comers, since Life Preserver isn't used outside of PC-BSD (as far as I know) beginners won't be familiar with it. Even "Life Preserver Backups" or "Life Backup" would be enough of a hint for those of us who are slow.

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