[PC-BSD Testing] Latest PC-BSD 9 snapshot

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Tue Apr 12 11:47:16 PDT 2011

On 04/10/2011 17:33, Jesse Smith wrote:
> Hi PC-BSDers,
> I grabbed the latest snapshot of PC-BSD 9 (32-bit, CD) and gave it a
> whirl in VirtualBox. The install went smoothly, booting went off without
> any problems and I didn't run into anything serious. I did find some
> quirks or minor problems which I'll list below...
> On the System screen of the installer the option to install plain
> FreeBSD cannot be selected. Is this a bug or a feature?
This is correct, the CD is too small to have enough room for both PC-BSD 
/ FreeBSD on the disk. I may just "hide" the FreeBSD icon in this case 

> On PC-BSD installs, the package updater applet can't connect to the
> update server.
Correct, the snapshots aren't registered with the update server yet, so 
it'll get an error. This will be enabled when we get to a beta.

> Opening AppCafe will allow me to download the latest releases (Firefox,
> for example), but clicking on any category (archivers, emulators, etc)
> shows a message "No PBI for category _____" Maybe PBIs for version 9
> haven't been pushed to the package server yet?
Did you check all the categories? I see apps in "web" and such. Most of 
them are empty though, since we've only uploaded a handful of PBIs for 
testing purposes.

> Desktop icons for the Users Handbook, PC-BSD Handbook and PC-BSD website
> do not launch anything. The AppCafe and Control Manager work.

> The the virtual console, LXterminal, should probably not enable
> transparent background by default as the desktop wallpaper is bright and
> varied in colour, makes text hard to read.
Yea, that is annoying, will be fixing that.

> The current theme is good, the LXDE desktop is responsive. So far the
> system has been stable. I like the new control centre. One suggestion I
> have there is to change the name of the backup tool from "Life" to
> "Backups" or "Backup/Restore". The "Life" icon is associated with the
> Handbook in my mind from the 8.x releases.

I'll give it some thought, I would like to keep some sort of name which 
is unique, other than just a generic "backup" tool, but it may be too 
confusing the way it is now.

> Those are my first impressions so far. No serious bugs to report, just
> minor stuff that I suspect is waiting for the final release to fall into
> place.
> I really like the control centre layout, which I think will be familiar
> to KDE users and I like that AppCafe has been streamlined from the 8.x
> release.
> - Jesse
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