[PC-BSD Testing] Latest PC-BSD 9 snapshot

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Sun Apr 10 14:33:38 PDT 2011

Hi PC-BSDers,

I grabbed the latest snapshot of PC-BSD 9 (32-bit, CD) and gave it a
whirl in VirtualBox. The install went smoothly, booting went off without
any problems and I didn't run into anything serious. I did find some
quirks or minor problems which I'll list below...

On the System screen of the installer the option to install plain
FreeBSD cannot be selected. Is this a bug or a feature?

On PC-BSD installs, the package updater applet can't connect to the
update server.

Opening AppCafe will allow me to download the latest releases (Firefox,
for example), but clicking on any category (archivers, emulators, etc)
shows a message "No PBI for category _____" Maybe PBIs for version 9
haven't been pushed to the package server yet?

Desktop icons for the Users Handbook, PC-BSD Handbook and PC-BSD website
do not launch anything. The AppCafe and Control Manager work.

The the virtual console, LXterminal, should probably not enable
transparent background by default as the desktop wallpaper is bright and
varied in colour, makes text hard to read.

The current theme is good, the LXDE desktop is responsive. So far the
system has been stable. I like the new control centre. One suggestion I
have there is to change the name of the backup tool from "Life" to
"Backups" or "Backup/Restore". The "Life" icon is associated with the
Handbook in my mind from the 8.x releases.

Those are my first impressions so far. No serious bugs to report, just
minor stuff that I suspect is waiting for the final release to fall into

I really like the control centre layout, which I think will be familiar
to KDE users and I like that AppCafe has been streamlined from the 8.x

- Jesse

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