[PC-BSD Testing] latest snapshot, LXDE install

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 8 05:42:00 PDT 2011

Notes from the 32 bit DVD installed in virtualbox with LXDE as the only desktop:

The desktop icon "Users Handbook" is a question mark, clicking on it makes all the icons on the desktop temporarily disappear and does not open anything.

The desktop icon "PC-BSD Handbook" does not open.

The desktop icon "PC-BSD Website" does not open.

PCBSD Control Panel does not remember the password, regardless if save for this session or save to keyring.

Half of the icons in Control Panel do not open. The ones that DO open are: AppCafe, Ports Jail, Printing, Network Configuration, and Life Preserver

For the update manager in the system tray: double-clicking does not open, right-clicking and selecting System Manager does not open, right-clicking and selecting AppCafe does open

System -> Manage Printing (CUPS) does not open

System -> Online Update Notifier does not open

System -> Root terminal prompts for password but does not open terminal

System -> Run as different user does prompt for password but does not run anything

Everything else seemed to work.



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