[PC-BSD Testing] notes on latest 9 snapshot (GNOME install)

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 7 04:52:34 PDT 2011

These notes are for the 32 bit full version running in VirtualBox with GNOME installed as the only desktop.

During installation:

Auto-login user checkbox has been removed from Users screen; what is the default and how does it get changed?

The path for bash in the shell drop down menu is truncated. Do we need to put in the full path names or are users only interested in the shell name?

Either the font is funky or there is a typo when referring to localization in Desktop selection screen. The first reference looks like Base-I18N and the second like L10N (under KDE4)

Really like the new progress bars!

In the GNOME desktop:

The following may be issues with the games/gnome-games and /games/gnome-games-extra-data ports:

Applications -> Games -> Arcade -> Nibbles launches but doesn't seem to do anything (unless I'm missing the point of this game)

Applications -> Games ->Board Games -> lagno launches but doesn't
 seem to do anything (unless I'm missing the point of this game)

Applications -> Games ->Logic Games -> Lights Off does not launch

Applications -> Games ->Logic Games -> Swell Foop does not launch

Applications -> Games -> Quadrapassel does not launch

More GNOME issues:

Internet -> Epiphany web browser works great until you go to a website that uses flash (e.g. it crashed when I went to youtube)

Applications -> Multimedia -> Sound recorder gives this error when it launches:

"Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them with the "Sound Preferences" under the System Preferences menu."

Going there results in the message "waiting for sound system to respond" which stays there forever until you close it (still no sound, still no preferences menu that opened to set it)

Applications -> Office -> Evolution Mail & Calendar opened up too large so that you could not see or access the forward/next buttons to go through the setup wizard. I tried tabbing but since I could not see the buttons I kept finding the cancel buttons  within the setup.

Applications -> Services -> Shared Folders gives this error on launch: "You need to install at least either Samba or NFS in order to share your folders".

Applications -> System is a little confusing as it mixes both PC-BSD utilities with GNOME utilities. Should all the PC-BSD utilities be placed in "PC-BSD Control Panel" and not repeated in System menu? A screenshot can be seen at http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/File:Gnome-system.png.

Applications -> System -> Root Terminal does not launch

It makes sense to add an entry for the PC-BSD Control Panel to System -> Administration menu. Or at least its contents, only about 1/3 of the items are here, see the screenshot at http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/File:Gnome-system1.png.

There are 2 icons to the Handbook on the desktop. The one named "Users Handbook" has correct icon and location. The one named "PC-BSD Handbook" has wrong location and no icon (the icon looks like a white sheet of paper). The icon to the PC-BSD website is also incorrect (blank sheet of paper), but its link works.

Everything else in GNOME worked, the PC-BSD wallpapers were the default, the PC-BSD icons were there, and it logged into GNOME no problem with GNOME being the only desktop installed.



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