[PC-BSD Testing] Latest PCBSD 9 (04/05/11 release)

Scott Scites scott.scites at railcar88.com
Wed Apr 6 16:55:32 PDT 2011

Two items:
On a Dell SC430

1) Before the install, I go from the user setup to install screen.  I don't
get the option to pick a desktop or select applications.

2) At first boot after the install, the system hangs at or after the
initialization of a Dell USB Keyboard.  Here are the last few lines before
the hang:
       ukbd0: <Dell USB Keyboard> on usbus2
       kbd2 at ukbd0
       uhid0: <Dell USB Keyboard> on usbus2

    It might be failing at the mounting of a bad cd component at acd0.  I
see mount failures in the output.  I don't think the system should stop
loading because it cannot mount a cd component.  Other systems such as
OpenSuse install and run fine.

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