[PC-BSD Testing] Add descriptions to newfs options

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 14 06:32:05 PDT 2010

>In the PC-BSD installer when you choose to setup a manual partitioning,
>you only see "UFS, UFS + S, UFS + J", etc. So you don't know what the
>letters actually mean. Would it be possible to add a mouse-over box with
>some descriptive text?

We plan to add help/descriptive text to all of the PC-BSD menus by 9.0. We discussed design a bit over the weekend at OLF as there is only 
so much screen real estate and many users tend to ignore Help buttons. The most logical solution so far is to provide some text on the
screen and a More link for those readers who wish to continue reading if all the text did not fit on the screen.

Ping me if you're interested in helping in writing/reviewing the text. Basically, any screen which currently doesn't have a Help button
(i.e. non-KDE menus) will need some help text. The goal is to provide text that is actually helpful, so the more writers/reviewers the


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