[PC-BSD Testing] consistent System Settings

Fini Decima finid at linuxbsdos.com
Mon Sep 6 12:51:17 PDT 2010

> Is it possible to have all the system settings be consistent when they
> startup?
> As an example of inconsistency, when you start Firewall it shows a PC-BSD
> logo, prompts you to type in the administrative password, and then opens a
> second screen. When you start System Network Configuration, it opens in
> the same screen, allowing the user to use the Overview button to go back
> to System Settings. This is the behaviour for most of the System Settings,
> except for these PC-BSD specific ones:
> - Firewall
> - Password & User Account
> - Services Manager
> - Software & Updates
> - System Manager
> This probably ties in with the "how to handle su password input"
> discussion. Maybe if each of these icons had a "Configure" button on their
> screen which could cache the administrative password and activate the
> greyed out read-only settings, that would allow for seamless usage.
> Or, since we're decoupling the dependence on KDE to allow for alternate
> window managers in 9 should we be thinking instead of creating a "Control
> Panel" which contains the configuration icons that are considered useful
> to users and that can be loaded in any window manager?

I thought about this while reviewing 8.1, and the solution that I thought
would be better is to have all the non-root tasks in one panel of the
Control Center and all the tasks that require root privilege in a second
(Advanced) panel.

We can take it a step further by requesting root authentication to get
into the Advanced panel, that way, you would not have to re-authenticate
until you exit the Advanced panel.

Just a thought.

Fini Decima

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