[PC-BSD Testing] Dialup Utility?

Wilbert Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Mon Sep 6 11:58:39 PDT 2010

You might want to start here.   http://bsd.vwsoft.com/3g/umts.php

But other than that try a google search 3g modem command sets. Looks to me like they just extended the old AT command set to include commands for the 3g stuff.

On Sep 6, 2010, at 9:45 AM, M. Warner Losh wrote:

> In message: <BAY143-W717348E66E4F2819FA704AC700 at phx.gbl>
>            Dru Lavigne <drulavigne at sympatico.ca> writes:
> : 
> : 
> : > The hard part here is that the different modem families have different
> : > init strings.  The third line of the above is specific both to 3G
> : > modems (the AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP", part of the command) as well as
> : > specific to my country and carrier (the last bit:
> : > "internet2.voicestream.com").  Also, the phone number varies between
> : > carriers and technology used.  authname/authkey likely would also need
> : > to be configurable.
> : > 
> : > When I setup my modem, the hardest part was finding line 3 above :)
> : 
> : 
> : How is the finding usually done? e.g. does the provider or the modem
> : manufacturer usually include this  info in their documentation or is
> : the user required to try their  luck with Google? Adding how to find
> : the required  info to this screen's  help button would  be useful. I
> : notice some bugs in this screan  and will start a separate thread on
> : those.
> For me, it was trial and error.  There wasn't a table anywhere of
> these things (I think called VAPs or something similar).  But I think
> if we have the right terminology, we may save people lots of
> Googling.  I could help out with some of that, at least for the
> current generation of 3G cards.  Likely we'll need something different
> with the 4G stuff, but we won't know that until we get the gear.
> Warner
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