[PC-BSD Testing] Help buttons

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 6 10:12:03 PDT 2010

The following System Settings have Help buttons that point nowhere, hang, or are greyed out:

- Firewall

- System Network Configuration (not sure as greyed out)

- Display (not sure as greyed out)

- Input Actions (not sure as greyed out)

- Password & User Account

- Printer Configuration (not sure as greyed out)

- Services Manager

- Software & Updates

- System Manager (not sure as greyed out)

- Audio CDs (not sure as greyed out)

- CDDB Retrieval

- Samba (hangs)

Since these are all custom modules or ones that have been PC-BSDized, I assume that's why there are no existing KDE help files to point to.

What would the process be for creating help files? I can write text and would probably add a wiki page so others could help write and review to make sure the text so is actually helpful. Once we have text, it needs to be gettext'ed so it can go into Pootle? That's the part I'm not familiar with. And I'm assuming Kris has to do some KDE mumbo jumbo so that the help test gets associated with the correct menu, or does Pootle take care of that?



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