[PC-BSD Testing] Sound problem not fixed

Arthur A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Wed Sep 1 18:27:38 PDT 2010

>I tried your suggestion Kris,I added the line you told me to add 
>#hw.snd.default_=unit1 to /etc/sysctl.conf like you said still no sound
>I also tried adding unit=0,1 &2 and then i tried adding all the 
>lines, I would really appreciate your help please, I have sound but 
>only in my USB headset,
>shouldn't an operating system recognize hardware automatically?
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Having more than 1 audio device in any hardware config is not a 
normal config. I know it because I have two PCI sound card but they 
are very well supported and work. Support for hardware is always 
contingent upon it being fairly common and not some oddball 4th party 
fly-by-night hardware. What is the make and model of this USB audio 
device you have? If you remove it from the equation and only use your 
Analog Devices sound device, do you get audio? BSD does not support 
every audio device on the planet and doesn't have the breadth of 
driver support and developers to do so. Contact the developers of BSD 
and ask if they can better support your device if it is not already 
in their list of supported audio devices. After all, I understand 
that since 8.1 switched to Alsa for Audio, if it ain't supported by 
Alsa, it probably ain't worth supporting period. See if it is 
supported by Alsa too. Try a live Linux distro and see if it works there.


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