[PC-BSD Testing] Default IBUS setting for PCBSD

Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Oct 27 02:09:10 PDT 2010

27.10.2010 3:13, Sam Lin пишет:
> Dear PC-BSD fellows,
> When I fresh install PC-BSD (8.1 i386) in English, I need to manually
> switch FORCEIBUS in my /usr/local/kde4/env/enable-ibus.sh from NO to
> YES to get IBUS enabled, whereas if I install PC-BSD in Japanese, I
> did not have to do anything to enable IBUS i.e. I can type Japanese
> with IBUS straight away. That said, the settings relevant to IBUS
> change depending on the language being used for installation.
> I felt that there is no point why FORCEIBUS enable-ibus.sh should not
> be set as YES as a de facto setting regardless of installation
> language. Since PC-BSD is meant to be used globally for average users,
> I think I would be best make FORCEIBUS as YES in the future releases
> (after all, we wouldn't expect average users to change the setting
> manually - that's against PC-BSD's aim). Or is there any reason why
> this is not feasible?

Actually, before iBus, there was no XIM in PC-BSD.
So, we inserted ibus, tested and polished it, and enabled it by default 
for CJK languages (chinese, japanese, korean).
Other languages, mostly, have support with kde language switching 
applet, such as russian, french, etc...
So, I'm not sure about enabling it by default :)
I think betetr we should consider place somewhere nice button, like 

> Regards,
> Sam
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