[PC-BSD Testing] tzupdater

Brodey Dover doverosx at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 15:58:37 PDT 2010

Absolutely, that us a good idea.

On 2010-10-17 6:52 PM, "Dru Lavigne" <drulavigne at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Who has tzupdater 1_3_31?? I can't find it on Oracle's website or on
> random search results fro...
Looks like Oracle has updated it again (for the second time in 3 weeks)...

Last time it was updated, I downloaded the latest tzupdater, took the md5,
sha256, and size (using ls -l) and sent that info to glewis at freebsd.org (the
port maintainer). He updated the distinfo and Makefiles for the java ports
within a few hours of receiving that email. Can you do that this time?



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