[PC-BSD Testing] Install FreeBSD with ZFS via PCBSD installer

Jack Downes jdownes at krmc.org
Fri Nov 26 14:18:45 PST 2010

So, I don't think you need that /boot partition with ZFS.  At least, I'm not using it... there's a 64k slice that bsd puts in place at the beginning of the drive and the /boot ends up in the / like everything else.  You can create zfs mountpoints at will, so, for simplicity, you might want to just create a swap partition first and then use the rest for zfs on /.  Just my two cents, I use this with a 3 drive raidz and it works fine.

Jack Downes
Health Information Technology, KRMC

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Hello, I cannot install FreeBSD with ZFS file system via PCBSD DVD. I have a
problem during installation.

PCBSD 8.1 64 bits ( no burning error or corrupted iso )

/boot           UFS                  512 M
/                  ZFS ( basic )     512 M
none           SWAP               1024 M
/tmp            ZFS                   512 M
/var             ZFS                   1024 M
/usr             ZFS                   4xx Gb

error log


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