[PC-BSD Testing] Testing 9-CURRENT (SysInstaller)

Yuri Momotiuk yurkis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 04:31:22 PST 2010

Issues in installer:
1. I can confirm issue with language selection listbox (system installer
language was not changed after selecting ukrainian language)
2. (Cosmetic) On "Users" screen ui do not set focus to next line edit after
I press 'Enter'. For example I type password in "Password" edit. When I
press 'Enter' I expect that focus move to "Verify password" edit.
3. (Cosmetic) In messagebox that shows just before installation begin
("Start installation now?") IMHO "Yes" button must be focused by default.
4. Installer reports warnings about source and ports checksums
5. Installation progressbar: Seems like progressbar show progress only for
current meta package. Wold be great to display two progressbars: current
meta package installation progress and overall installation progress (see
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