[PC-BSD Testing] 9 alpha bootonly install failure

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Nov 4 22:21:53 PDT 2010

On Thu 04/11/10  8:38 PM , Bruce Cran <bruce.cran at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I tried to install the 9 alpha snapshot today using the bootonly CD
> in
> VirtualBox but it failed early on - the reason being that the
> snapshot
> isn't present on the isc mirror.

That's my bad, I failed to mention that its not on the regular mirrors. If you plan on doing a "net" install, please specify either of these addresses:




> However I also noticed a few issues:
> - The "cleanup" phase doesn't zero the last sectors of the disk so
> won't wipe the GPT entry.

I've seen that as well, and I'm thinking its a problem in "gpart". We are running all the gpart destroy stuff, but its not clearing out that backup GPT entry still. I'll have to poke around, see if thats something that will be fixed in gpart soon, or if I need to implement some other "cleaning" mechanism. 

> - "mount: no : No such file or directory" in the logs.

I'll take a look at that, its coming from the update checker portion. 

> - "/tmp: optimization changed from SPACE to TIME" - is /tmp big
> enough?

That's not something we mess with specifically, just depends on how much /tmp is being used, and if tmpfs wants to optimize differently. 

> - "Recommended minimum kmem_size is 512MB; expect unstable behavior."
> - does kmem_size need tuned?

That's for ZFS specifically, but for installing it hasn't been an issue, and I'm not sure the drawbacks elsewhere if we change that. (Especially when you are using a system with less than 512MB of ram)

> - When selecting the netinstall mirror, the combobox goes off the
> right side of the screen.

I'll check into that, should be simple fix :)

> - The root password gets logged in plain text. Could the hash be
> logged instead?

Where are you seeing that?? The log specifically doesn't show a password here...

> - It might be nice to use the ATA_CAM option or the ahci driver by
> default since it looks like it's the future.

Those are already on by default:



> - It might be a good idea to create partitions starting at a multiple
> of 4KB to give good performance on WD Green disks.

You're referring to 4k sector size? I thought gpart was supposed to optimize for that automatically? I thought I read that a while back, but if I'm wrong we can fix it easily enough.

> Also, there shouldn't be a need to specify the size "-s 524286945"
> because gpart will use the entire space by default.

Noted, I'll get a fix written so that it just uses the rest of the disk for the last partition :)

> I know there's probably nothing that can be done about it, but the
> install freezes on VMWare Workstation - I guess the vmware video
> driver is crashing.

At what point is it crashing, and is it repeatable?

If you start the install, then immediately switch to ctrl-alt-f1, you'll probably see a kernel panic at the point it freezes. What kind of panic is it getting?


Kris Moore
PC-BSD / iXsystems

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