[PC-BSD Testing] Backing up a PC-BSD disk

Odhiambo Washington odhiambo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 02:49:47 PDT 2010

I installed PC-BSD (FreeBSD option) on a disk on which I only created /
(ufs+journal) and swap.
>From the handbook (
http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/articles/gjournal-desktop/article.html), I am
still unable to tell how much space the PC-BSD installer allocated for the
journal provider, which according to my understanding, resides on the same
partition as the data.

Is the journal size defaulting to 1GB as the handbook says, or does the
installer use a different value?

[wash at gw ~]$ df -h
Filesystem          Size   Used     Avail    Capacity Mounted on
/dev/label/rootfs0  273G    9.8G   242G   4%         /
devfs                   1.0K     1.0K       0B   100%     /dev
devfs                   1.0K     1.0K       0B   100%     /var/named/dev

I am so much used UFS2 type filesystem where I create / and swap and I'd
always get an identical size disk for backup. The backup would take the

dump -L0af - / | (cd /disk2; restore -rf -) # And this is disk duplication
to me, so I can use disk2 as primary disk should disk one fail.

When it comes to ufs+journal, I am a bit lost on how to do things right when
I need to make a second disk (disk2) to have same partition layout as disk

Suppose both disks are 320GB, can I use dd to create the duplicate
structure, with journaling enabled??
dd if=/dev/adX of=/dev/adY bs=1m

But if you tell me that the PC-BSD installer allocated 1GB for the journal,
then I can follow the handbook instructions to partition my disk
accordingly. However, given that the installer mounted /dev/label/rootfs0 on
/, I am not sure what will be the name of my filesystem on disk2 when I
create it from the CLI. I'd love to partition as follows:

gw# bsdlabel -A /dev/ad4
bsdlabel: /dev/ad4: no valid label found

Since I am unable to read the disk label of the first disk, I am not certain
how to go about creating a similar label on disk2. I thought I could read
out the disk label on disk1 and just write that to disk 2.

Secondly, I am not sure how I can backup the first disk onto disk2 using
dump once I have done the labels.

Best regards,
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