[PC-BSD Testing] Could someone test IBUS please?

Sam Lin semin2006 at gmail.com
Fri May 21 05:18:24 PDT 2010

On PC-BSD8.0 clicking on the ibus icon on taskbar actually does nothing but
only shows a message "no input window" and I cannot input non-latin
character with it. I have checked out other forums e.g. ubuntu or on the
ibus official website and realised that someone have also got the same
problem whereas others don't. On those forums someone has made it work by
disabling the ibus daemon and then re-start the daemon manually, but then
again this doesn't work on some other guys' systems (unfortunately I'm one
of them).

As my internet environment does not allow me to download snapshot images,
could someone please try on their snapshot copy whether or not the default
ibus just WORKS properly but not just an icon sitting in the taskbar? If
this really does not work then I will need to consider using scim for typing
non-latin characters in the next release of PC-BSD.

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