[PC-BSD Testing] Next Snapshot available

Brodey Dover doverosx at gmail.com
Tue May 18 19:02:05 PDT 2010

Yikes, failing on VESA drivers is never a good thing. From what I can
see, the detection script is working fine. Is your BIOS up to the
latest version? What motherboard are you using? Have you tried using
the "without ACPI" boot option?

Let us know,

On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 8:55 PM, Bill Sun <billksun at gmail.com> wrote:
> I forgot to add that, with the 5/17 snapshot, it doesn't matter which GPU I
> set to use in the BIOS, both will send me to the black screen with a cursor.
> I have tried booting into VESA mode with the same results.  This time,
> however, I was able to get a glimps of the error message after I pushed the
> power button to shutdown.  The line of message that I was able to catch was
> along the lines of:
> "Failed to start GUI with detected driver", and then another one "Failed to
> start GUI with VESA driver".
> -Bill
> On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 5:01 PM, Bill Sun <billksun at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I've just tried the new snapshot and I can't get the GUI installer to
>> load.  Is this the X setup problem you are referring to, Kris?  Or were you
>> referring to a later step where it selects the graphics drivers?
>> I'll try booting using the VESA option next.
>> Oh, and, before I forget this.  I have 2 GPUs on my computer, one is
>> on-board, and the other discrete.  Both NVIDIAs.  When I was trying to
>> install the previous snapshot, I was not able to get to the GUI installer
>> when I had the BIOS turn on the discrete (PCI-E) graphics first.  It just
>> hung on "Autoconfiguring X Server ... done."  I had to set the on-board
>> graphics as the first option in the BIOS, and connect my monitor to the
>> on-board graphics to be able to reach the GUI installer.
>> This time around, I get a black screen with a white character box on the
>> top left of the screen, and I can move my mouse and see th cursor move as
>> well.  But nothing else happened.
>> -Bill
>> On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 4:55 AM, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org> wrote:
>>> I've just uploaded the next snapshot of PC-BSD:
>>> ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/snapshots/8/
>>> This snapshot contains the new KDE 4.4.3, Xorg 7.5, new drivers and a TON
>>> of new ports from the past month, along with a latest 8-Stable release of
>>> FreeBSD as well of course. Also a lot of fixes are in place for the
>>> installation, fixing some ZFS issues and other partitioning related quirks.
>>> Currently I'm seeing a problem with the X setup tool detecting video /
>>> monitor settings at bootup, but I'm investigating it now.
>>> If you can, please test this snapshot out, and lets start hunting down
>>> bugs asap. The FreeBSD 8.1 release cycle is nearly here, and I want to get
>>> us to Beta1 shortly after they do :)
>>> Thanks!
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