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Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Tue May 18 17:02:43 PDT 2010

Well after a lot of hair pulling I think I've found the culprit and it had nothing to do with FreeBSD.

Seems my router's WiFi just decides to stop working every once in a while.  It's happened to every Linksys router I've ever owned.  After about a year or so, the WiFi slowly craps out until it just dies one day - I have a junk pile full of them.  This time I thought buying their so-called commercial grade version would make a difference - nope.  It's WRV210 with a wireless bridge, WET200 connecting my PCBSD box to the router.  

When the WiFi link quits, that's when access to the router from my browser in the same box gets slow, though I'm not sure why.  As for Drupal not being able to connect to the web, I can't say except that it seems to have been fixed since I changed the nameserver value to the router gateway.

So I have to reboot the router, or cycle power on the bridge when this happens, to reconnect the Wifi.  For the record, I haven't had much better luck with Netgear.  I have used Dlink once or twice with better results.

Doesn't anyone make a wireless router for less than $100 that will last five years?

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About the httpd... 10 is actually a low number in case u want to use http on a production server. 10 open processes only means that up to 10 people can connect at the same istNt an the server will be ready to serve them worhout having to create a new thread ... Standard config of apache I believe that is 10+5, meaning, 10 to start and 5 extra created automatically and always created, so u may have 100 user connected and ur processes will be 105. ( up to max_conn)
For a devel server, 10 is enought

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On May 17, 2010, at 16:22, Jeff <dejamuse at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hmm, it works for a while then reverts to slow behavior for unknown reasons.  It's usually slow when logged in as an admin, but not always.  Inconsistent behavior makes it tough to track down.  However, Drupal can talk to the outside world again UNTIL you run the update script and then it stops.

Why would I have a reverse DNS issue?  I'm only using IP numbers, so there's nothing to resolve I would think.

I noticed there is a BIND server on the system but it's not running.  Is it supposed to?

Also have a process called winbindd running.  What is that for?

Noticed also that there are 10 httpd processes running simultaneously.  Seems like a lot for a single server.

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From: Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org>
Subject: Re: [PC-BSD Testing] Network problem
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Date: Monday, May 17, 2010, 9:26 AM

On Mon 17/05/10  9:57 AM , Jeff <dejamuse at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Well I don't know what happened but all of a sudden it's working after
> a 2nd reboot.  Weird.
> All I changed was the one line in resolv.conf in the jail: nameserver
> After that change I rebooted but nothing changed until this morning I
> fired up the box and voila!
> I sure would like to know what was wrong and why it's suddenly
> working.

Sounds like a DNS issue was causing the slowdowns? Maybe
 reverse DNS lookup was enabled, and that was causing the http request slowdowns?

Aside from that, not sure really what else it may have been. 

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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