[PC-BSD Testing] Next Snapshot available: Possible bug #1

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Tue May 18 13:58:10 PDT 2010

A couple things here before I go home:

1. InfoCenter now crashes/closes when you click on "Memory." That's 
different than 4.3.5 behavior. Clicking "USB" still crashes as well. KDE 
guys still must not have caught up to the new USB stack yet I am guessing.

2. This one is repeatable 100%.

a. System Settings > System Network Configuration > Network 
Configuration (Advanced tab) > click Change Configuration > change 
HOSTNAME from default to something else > click Apply.
b. Gateway now shows as 6. . . and cannot be changed at all.
c. If you click the Change Configuration button again, nothing happens.
d. Have to log off and then back on to be able to click Change 
Configuration again.

Not sure if it's KDE related or not.

more as it comes,

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