[PC-BSD Testing] BIND problem in jail

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Fri May 7 14:58:06 PDT 2010


for lagg do you set the default to fail-over? If not, I've had this issue
with round-robin and load-balancing options. As far as I know load-balancing
is known and documented to cause "issues" because of the non-standard packet


On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 7:36 AM, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org> wrote:

>  On 05/07/2010 14:09, Jeff wrote:
>   Well, this has come back to bite me again.
> I was living in Thailand when it I fixed it, using a Dlink ADSL router and
> used DHCP for the PCBSD box.  Then I moved back to the US and set up my old
> network using a Linksys router and a Linksys wireless bridge to connect my
> PCBSD box to the router and the internet.
> I'm using lagg0 for the jail but set up the box with a static IP.  So now
> the original problem is back - slow server response in the jail and Drupal
> cannot talk to the internet for updates and such.  Set it up with DHCP and
> same problem.
> Oddly enough, when I had it setup with a static IP, Firefox was really slow
> accessing the server site, like 10 seconds lag, but Opera was the normal 1
> or 2 seconds.  When I changed to DHCP both were slow, taking nearly 20
> seconds to respond - it's all lag time - the page loads very fast after
> that.
> I noticed at boot there is a message something to the effect of re0 busy.
> Also noticed in Webmin, the network interface is reported as:
>  *  <>* *Name   <>
> * *Type    <>* *IP
> Address    <>* *
> Netmask    <>* *
> Status    <>*
>  lagg0 Unknown Up
>    lagg0:0 Unknown (Virtual) Up   lo0<>
> Loopback Up
> is the IP for the jail and .101 is the network interface card
> on DHCP.
> I have had similar problems with PCBSD going way back and never resolved
> them.  I just keep fiddling and rebooting and somehow it magically gets
> fixed but I never know why.  Now however, I can't get it to work properly no
> matter what I try.
> What in the world causes this behavior and how do I fix it?
> ...Jeff
> Well, I'm unsure which is causing the failure here. Maybe a good thing to
> try is taking the "lagg0" device out of the loop and see if the problem goes
> away. You'll need to edit /etc/rc.conf manually, remove the ifconfig_lagg0
> line, and setup ifconfig_re0 to DHCP. Switch your jail to running on re0 as
> well, and test, does it work better?
> If that doesn't solve it, then you may be uncovering some other networking
> bug :( I would recommend reporting it over to the freebsd-net mailing lists:
> http://lists.freebsd.org/mailman/listinfo/freebsd-net
> Some of the folks over there could probably track it down relatively
> quickly :)
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