[PC-BSD Testing] BIND problem in jail

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri May 7 04:36:20 PDT 2010

On 05/07/2010 14:09, Jeff wrote:
> Well, this has come back to bite me again.
> I was living in Thailand when it I fixed it, using a Dlink ADSL router 
> and used DHCP for the PCBSD box.  Then I moved back to the US and set 
> up my old network using a Linksys router and a Linksys wireless bridge 
> to connect my PCBSD box to the router and the internet.
> I'm using lagg0 for the jail but set up the box with a static IP.  So 
> now the original problem is back - slow server response in the jail 
> and Drupal cannot talk to the internet for updates and such.  Set it 
> up with DHCP and same problem.
> Oddly enough, when I had it setup with a static IP, Firefox was really 
> slow accessing the server site, like 10 seconds lag, but Opera was the 
> normal 1 or 2 seconds.  When I changed to DHCP both were slow, taking 
> nearly 20 seconds to respond - it's all lag time - the page loads very 
> fast after that.
> I noticed at boot there is a message something to the effect of re0 
> busy.  Also noticed in Webmin, the network interface is reported as:
> * <>* 	*Name 
> <>* 	*Type 
> <>* 	*IP Address 
> <>* 	*Netmask 
> <>* 	*Status 
> <>*
> 	lagg0 	Unknown 	Up
> 	  lagg0:0 	Unknown (Virtual) 	Up
> 	lo0 <> 	Loopback 
> 	Up
> is the IP for the jail and .101 is the network interface 
> card on DHCP.
> I have had similar problems with PCBSD going way back and never 
> resolved them.  I just keep fiddling and rebooting and somehow it 
> magically gets fixed but I never know why.  Now however, I can't get 
> it to work properly no matter what I try.
> What in the world causes this behavior and how do I fix it?
> ...Jeff

Well, I'm unsure which is causing the failure here. Maybe a good thing 
to try is taking the "lagg0" device out of the loop and see if the 
problem goes away. You'll need to edit /etc/rc.conf manually, remove the 
ifconfig_lagg0 line, and setup ifconfig_re0 to DHCP. Switch your jail to 
running on re0 as well, and test, does it work better?

If that doesn't solve it, then you may be uncovering some other 
networking bug :( I would recommend reporting it over to the freebsd-net 
mailing lists:


Some of the folks over there could probably track it down relatively 
quickly :)

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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