[PC-BSD Testing] 1TB external usb drive shows smaller size in Dolphin

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 08:20:50 PDT 2010

Using PCBSD-8.0 - 64bit Dolphin mounts my Western Digital 1TB USB drive ok but reports this for disk usage with 2.4 GiB of files on it:

16,777,216.0 TiB free of 15.5 GiB (-2,147,483,548 % used)

Total gibberish.  So I can't put more than a few GiB on this drive before it reports the disk is full.

Konqueror reports the same krap.

Kwikdisk reports this drive /dev/da0s1 as having a capacity of 1.9 GB and full. 
Another drive I have was formatted for Windoze.  Way back in PCBSD 7 or possibly earlier, I was able to read this drive and retrieve some old Windoze files.  I cannot mount this drive anymore using various combinations of: mount_msdosfs -o large /dev/da0s1 /media/Backup

Or: mount -o large -t msdosfs /dev/da0s1 /media/Backup

camcontrol devlist reports this drive as da0.


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