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Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 17:53:32 PST 2010

1.  - If one don't install ports+ src during installation, can you do it
from the
DVD at a later stage ?

a.  Yes.  They can be extracted from the compressed file format.

b.  You can also install from the GUI menu system:

Start > System Settings > System Manager > Click "Run in Admin Mode" >
Password > Tasks tab > Fetch Src, Fetch Ports

c.  Alternatively, ports and source can be populated from the command line:

(1.)  Fetch ports tree:
# portsnap fetch extract

(2.)  Fetch source:
# csup -g -L 2 /root/standard-supfile

2.  I want to build nvidia-driver-71 from ports and test it on an old nvidia
graphics card.

Update source and ports as above, the install the nvidia driver:
    # cd /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver-71
    # make
    # make deinstall
    # make install

If you don't have an nividia driver installed, you can cd to the target
directory and "make install clean"

# cd /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver-71 && make install clean

3.  should one run the ports console and then build + install the ports from
there ?

That is what is intended.  Ports console allows users to build and install
ports in a jail environment without breaking the working desktop setup. You
have to populate the ports inside the port's console, and when you are
inside the ports console, you can use either the GUI method or the command
line method described above to install source and ports.  There are
workarounds to use the /usr/ports /usr/src directories (see
http://forums.pcbsd.org/viewtopic.php?p=84902 ), but that is not the
official way.

You can still install ports into the system the FreeBSD way (i.e., from
/usr/ports and not in ports console).  There is always the risk that
something might break, but you can back up beforehand.

4.  I've selected port + src during PCBSD8.0 installation but it ends up
under the normal /usr/src/ and /usr/ports directories, but If I run the
ports console then there's nothing. Is this right ?

Yes, the ports console is running in a "jail" independent of the main
installation.  It has its own directory tree, including source and ports.
You have to populate it independently of the main system.  See "3." above.

5.  PCBSD ports console documentation.

It is not available as a cohesive document at this time.  The PCBSD Handbook
needs updated from its current status which discusses the PCBSD 7.x
"localbase" function.  You can find some information on the PCBSD Beta
Testers mailing lists (www.pcbsd.org > Support > mailing lists).  The PCBSD
wiki is likely to upgrade the PCBSD Handbook.  However, the ports console
works just like the base system -- just independent of it -- so you can
follow the advice for installing, using, managing, deleting ports, etc. in
the FreeBSD Handbook.

People needing detailed information about using PCBSD might consider the
newest BSD book by Dru Lavigne which is just about to be released.  I think
the title is Definitive Guide to PC-BSD (table of contents is listed here:
http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/bsd-guru/table-of-contents-37258 )

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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