[PC-BSD Testing] Install programs from freebsd ports

Goleusov Alexandr agoleusov at samaratelecom.ru
Wed Mar 3 22:16:57 PST 2010

Hello, i have a problem with PCBSD 8.0.
I update freebsd ports tree by using pcbsd's gui interface (menu -> 
system settings ->.... -> fetch system ports tree)
port_version command  show that all ports up-to-date.
Then i try to install any port and always have a some errors while "make".
I know that: "Starting in PC-BSD 7.1, the FreeBSD ports tree is now 
separate from the PC-BSD base desktop system. This allows a user to 
install and run FreeBSD ports, without effecting their PC-BSD desktop 
But i can't understand how i can install programs from freebsd ports in 
PCBSD 8.0.
I use that system on my laptop. I install programs successfully from 
PBI. But i want to use a freebsd ports and install programs such as 
common freebsd software to the /usr/local prefix.

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