[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 8.1-RC1 pbreg get

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 12:08:37 PDT 2010

krzysiek wrote:

. . . system updater is not working (sysupdate.conf is corrupted);

Kris Moore wrote back:

. . . I'll check into this. Can you try running "pbreg get
/PC-BSD/Version" and give me result? Does it print anything? If not,
try running this as

 # pbreg set /PC-BSD/Version 8.1-RC1

krzysiek wrote back saying:

[kjb at pcbsd-6224 /usr/home/kjb]$ pbreg get /PC-BSD/Version
[kjb at pcbsd-6224 /usr/home/kjb]$ su
root at pcbsd-6224# pbreg get /PC-BSD/Version
 8.1-RC1root at pcbsd-6224#


Ian Robinson says:

On my 8.1-RC1 system, the "PCBSD Update Manager" is working, at least
insofar as updating PBIs.  However (unlike krzysiek) when I tested
with the "pbreg get" function, it returned "8.1-BETA1."  That is
surprising because this was a "fresh install" of RC1.  After I issued
the suggested "pbreg set" function, it returned 8.1-RC1.  Here is a
transcript of the session:

IR at pcbsd-5847]/home/IR(9)% su
root at pcbsd-5847# pbreg get /PC-BSD/Version
8.1-BETA1root at pcbsd-5847#

root at pcbsd-5847# pbreg set /PC-BSD/Version 8.1-RC1

root at pcbsd-5847# pbreg get /PC-BSD/Version
8.1-RC1root at pcbsd-5847#

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio

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