[PC-BSD Testing] [PC-BSD Public] Is this the right forum to ask about Vietnamese?

Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Jun 23 01:45:45 PDT 2010

23.06.2010 7:34, Rob Hurle пишет:
> I am using FreeBSD as my desktop at the moment (7.1) and I want to
> move to PC-BSD (the ports spaghetti (or rubble in my case) is the main
> reason).  One piece of software that I could not do without is
> x-unikey, which enables me to type Vietnamese and is compatible with
> OpenOffice, gmail, and a heap of other things.  Does anyone know if it
> works on PCBSD?  If I send someone the source file (.5MB), would
> anyone with PCBSD be willing to try it out?  It is the usual
> ./configure ; make install process.  Thanks for any help.
We integrated iBus for Chinese/Japanese/Korean input, maybe there will 
be not hard to
integrate x-unikey.


Is this the site of this program?
I'll look into it near days.
> Cheers,
> Rob Hurle

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