[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD 8.1-RC1 Oddness and one out of place icon

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Tue Jun 22 12:53:19 PDT 2010


I'm pretty sure I observed this in 8.1 BETA1 but thought maybe it was 
just an anomaly. While doing the following: System Settings > System 
Manager > Run in Administrator Mode > Tasks tab > Fetch Ports Tree, I 
left it doing it's thing and had my back turned to the system while 
doing something on my work PC. When I turned around a few minutes later, 
the screen was at the username and password prompt. I logged back in 
expecting to see Fetch doing its parsing thingy but it just brought me 
to my desktop with nothing running. I also checked in Kicker > Recently 
Used tab to see if Systems Settings was there and it wasn't so the 
session seems to have no memory of what I had done earlier with the 
Fetch. My *guess* is this is a KDE bug but I have no way of determining 
it for sure. I tried to replicate it with a fresh install and set things 
as stated below but I was not able to recreate the occurrence.

Now, the only things different I have set from a default fresh install 
is: I have my screen saver set to 5 minutes from the default 15, screen 
saver is Solar Winds (GL) (set to Undertow), Desktop Wallpaper is set to 
a static image, and boot delay is set to Off. VGA driver is 
Intel-3D-Enable if it matters.

The other thing is on a fresh install I'm seeing a Ports Jail icon in 
Kicker > Lost & Found. Probably doesn't need to be there but thought I'd 
mention it.

more as it comes,

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