[PC-BSD Testing] 8.1-RC installation

rascal rascal at tiscali.cz
Mon Jun 21 18:21:41 PDT 2010

I grabbed 8.1 RC usb image and wanted to do an installation, so far I'm 
back in ubuntu, let me explain.

I launched the installer from the usb (which takes pretty LONG time, 
especially initial modules load - isn't there a way to speed this up), I 
did check the installer image, then it went smoothly.
Now I won't report on linguistics stuff (czech translation), I'll fix 
them in pootle.

What struck me (and there was no warning!!!!) that on the disk selection 
screen, I was presented to choose one of the four partitions I have 
there. (currently two are for ubuntu and 2 are NTFS, no windows, because 
my Windows XP died when I installed PCBSD 8.1 beta1, you hear me well... 
it seemed that it touched the partition and windows was hanging when 
booting. I tried every trick I know, but could not revive it.)
Anyway, I wanted to take first partition, ad0s1 (it was ext4 before) so 
I clicked on "remove" button to remove the partition and add a UFS one. 
There was no warning whatsoever and the installer just killed the 
partition instantly. If I had clicked by accident or something on a 
different partition or on the remove button (shit happens), I may have 
deleted other partition containing some of my valuable data!!!
There has to be BIG FAT WARNING at this screen and also confirmation 
dialogue before deleting a partition!
What's worse, since I deleted the first partition, I was unable to 
create a new one there, the installer says that there is no free space 
(27GB was free). It's probably looking only at the end of disk or something.

Currently I do not understand why the "remove partition" button is 
really there, if I want to use entire disk, I just select the 
corresponding radio button and it's done. No need to remove partitions. 
If I need to prepare partitions, I better do this with some gparted live 
cd or something. So there probably should be only option to choose some 
of the present partitions or entire disk. I read at the wiki, that 
installer does not have partition editor, but the screen "disk 
selection" really looks like one and removes partitions very well, it's 
a pity it cannot create partitions too ;)

The best thing would be, if the installer didn't touch the partitions 
until the very last screen of installation is confirmed, so you can 
select partition, go further, review it at the end and before starting 
installation you still can go back or cancel everything.

Sorry for my cheeky style, but I really got freaked out. one miss-click 
and any other partition could be gone and I'd spent few days recovering 
the data...

I just crated the ad0s1 partition from ubuntu and after installation 
I'll throw some more feedback.

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