[PC-BSD Testing] Reply to Responses to No USB Wireless, No PBI, No Upgrade.

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri Jun 11 07:24:50 PDT 2010

On 06/11/2010 00:18, Ian Robinson wrote:
> D.  and, now Ian confirms:
> The Upgrade function failed to install some PBI's.  When I re-did the 
> upgrade over top of 8.1-Beta I had installed Opera and Firefox PBI's.  
> These were two of several PBI's selected during the installation, and 
> they were present on the reboot after completing installation.  
> However, the upgrade installation routine failed to install any of the 
> other selected PBI's (vlc, thunderbird, K3b, etc.).  The difference 
> between the two situations is that the latter PBI's had not been 
> installed prior to the new upgrade.

Fixed this for RC1, was a bug during the install routine, wasn't parsing 
all the component choices :P

> D.  Now Ian says:
> After re-installing the Upgrade, it appears that selecting "import 
> existing desktop profile" does preserve the existing PBI 
> configurations and does save the contents of /home.
> Going through the upgrade process was enlightening in that it was 
> completely different from my 1st upgrade.  Aside from selecting 
> "import existing desktop profile" option, this install did not require 
> me to create the root password or create users.
> How did this happen to me?  Well, I remember that the installation was 
> a PITA because I had no mouse.  Part way into the installation, I had 
> to do a "go back" to make a correction.  Somewhere along the line I 
> think I chose a "use entire disk" function.  My actions may have 
> corrupted the install choices and created a hybrid install routine 
> that messed everything up.  The other alternative is that I was messed 
> up, but we won't go there.

Well, if you picked "use entire disk" at one point that is a regular 
install, not a upgrade :P

If you can figure out how to duplicate getting this failure during and 
upgrade process, please let me know!

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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