[PC-BSD Testing] Reply to Responses to No USB Wireless, No PBI, No Upgrade.

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 18:43:13 PDT 2010

After Ian Robinson reported problems with a USB Wireless Mouse, Arthur
Koziol said:

> I have seen this on some Dells I've used when I had a Microsoft Wireless
> mouse and what I did to fix it was go into the BIOS and in the advanced
> settings there I found an option called Enable Legacy USB Support (or
> some such thing) and rebooted. It worked after that. Your mileage may
> vary but see if your BIOS has such a thing. If not, see if there's any
> BIOS update.
Thanks Arthur.  My BIOS has such a setting and I will check it out.  This
may be something unique to FreeBSD 8.1 (but I don't know why) since it
worked with PCBSD 7.01 and  PCBSD 8.0.

My immediate plan is to shut down, plug in the wireless mouse, and change
the BIOS setting,   The second thing I am going to do is re-install with a
fresh install to test some points that Kris Moore raised.

After Robinson said:

> (2)  When I selected most of the PBI's, source, and ports during
> > installation, the source and ports were installed but PBI's did not
> > install.
> Then Kris Moore asked:

> I'm looking into this now, but this was during the upgrade again right?
Yes Kris.  I was trying an upgrade over PCBSD 8.0.  I am going to do a fresh
install to see if that makes a difference.  (Note:  The download MD5 sum
matched and the resulting dvd passed an integrity check)

When Ian Robinson said:

> >
> > (3)  The upgrade function did not "upgrade."  It did not preserve the
> > preexisting files in the /home directory files, or preserve the
> > installed programs and their configuration settings.
> >

Then Kris Moore asked:

> Did you check the option to "import existing desktop profile" during the
> install? By default the KDE4 config will be replaced with the default
> unless you check this option. However, your other /usr/home/ data
> shouldn't be touched, such as files, etc.
No.  I failed to see the "import existing desktop profile" option.  I will
upgrade again over 8.1.  Since I have a few PBI's installed, I can see if
the PBI configurations are preserved.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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